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Friday, March 9, 2012

How Come .....?

How come now that I have lots of downtime with few options for activities reading a book is less satisfying?  Reading books for me has usually been something I did on vacations, weekends or as a reward for accomplishing a given set of tasks.  I have lots of friends that are voracious readers.  They read every day for a few hours.  Not me.  It has to be earned and I have done nothing to earn this time.  So I have to work on this personal hangup and just take advantage of the golden opportunity of free time.

I have completed one of the books brought to me for my recuperation.  Today I sat on the front porch with the glorious sunshine soaking into my achy bones.  Mmmmm.  And I began the Sherlock Holmes book I received as a Christmas gift from my son.  And I am looking forward to doing the same thing tomorrow.  After all I have accomplished quite a lot the last few weeks.

In reference to yesterdays post, how come do little girls want to be a princess and not a queen?  The status of queen does not become sought after till maybe high school.  Did you want to be prom princess?  Or how about homecoming princess?  By that time of a girl's life princess is runner up, not the big time.  But in the world of fairy tales, queens are evil or mostly background characters.  Maybe it is an age thing.  So next Halloween, look for the queens.  You will probably count them on one finger unless Julia Roberts makes a breakthrough with the new movie. 

 Linda Darnell
How come WW II guys wanted pin up girls?  Was it a distraction or just something to fill the hours?  How come the females many times had their vamp looks in high gear?  I would think that staring down an enemy would enough inspiration.  My bewilderment over this phenomena is most likely a gender thing.
Gene Tierney
How come it was okay to have minimally clad women painted on airplanes but "real" women needed to be modest?  "Good" girls would never dress this way.

How come I really do not care about gas prices?  How come I really do not care about the Republican candidate selection?  And how come this pose feels better than it looks?  Guess it is an age thing again!

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