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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A single word can have such a variety of meanings.  Take the work missing.  It can mean not present, absent;   lost;  lacking or wanting.  I miss my family that live in Texas.  Two grandsons are missing some teeth.  A book is missing pages.  An attempted free throw can miss the basket.  If you take the ing off then you can have the occasional missed appointment.  Or the unmarried young lady.
Gene and I have been commiserating the number of our favorite shows that are either heading for or already have had the series finale.  We already miss watching Chuck that had won our attention.  Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer has been very entertaining.  In Plain Sight ends soon and who knows how long Mad Men will be around.  Gene has not recovered from The Unit or 24 being done.

But life must go on for two bored old folks.  I am not sure if we will ever recover.  After all my mom is still mourning the loss of Johnny Carson.  Oh, well.  Life in not lived in the boob tube!  But rather, lives should be lived in the real world.  Like cleaning, cooking, mowing, sharing, loving and serving.  Not me living vicariously through a fictional TV persona. 

Well,  that all sounded good.  A little too good to be honest & from the heart.  Because, I am already hung up on Ashley Judd's new series Missing.  I have liked Ms. Judd in just about everything she has done.  And she is just so beautiful on top of all that.  The pilot had us on the edge of our recliners : )  We are watching the second in the series and it is holding our attention, also.  So maybe the Thursday landscape is not so bleak with a show like Missing.

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