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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not Much Today!!

first of all, thanks to all who offered prayers for our friends.  He is doing so well that yesterday he moved out of ICU and in a regular room.  That is really good news.

About all that went on today was a little messing around the house.  Cleaned up after breakfast and sat catching up on some reading.  I am a vice president of an organization and have been slacking my duties the last 4 or 5 weeks.  So today I read two of the mission monthly magazines.  Then I summarized articles to send to the circle vice chairs.  Of course I saw a rabbit and just realized I did not send the emails.  Okay, I am back and I just emailed the articles.

This week has been more active than last by far.  I have ventured from home to the church, the doctors office and the FM fabric store.  All these trips were in the Lincoln.  But today was special, a trip to the  store in the Jeep!!!!

Really wanting to get the flex in my knee a few degrees better than now.  Getting in the Jeep requires a little more leaning than I like to do getting in and out of a car.  But all movement was done without a cane or walker.  Each day I find my balance and endurance improving incrementally.  Thirty three days out from total knee replacement and I am functioning better than anticipated.

So while there is not much to report or comment upon today, it is still pretty exciting.  Exciting to walk down stairs, walk across the garage floor, climb into the Jeep and ride down the road.  Just to experience the simple pleasure of the warm breeze coming in the window as Gene drives down the street.  Maybe you can have not much of a day tomorrow.

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