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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stick to It

February 2010
Well, after working in my yard yesterday, today I have been a little more sore in the operated knee.  But some ice and a little Aleve every few hours has improved that condition.  Rather than getting too involved in the yard work, I decided to mess with some sewing projects started before the surgery.  Finished one that was an attempt to make my own washable refills for the Swiffer.  There are still a couple of adjustments needed to make it viable.  Once figured out, I will make 3 or 4 and that will be one less expense each month.

The second project is a set of cushions for a rocker we have had for about 25 years.  I finished the back cushion today.  Now for the seat cushion.  To make the seat cushion a little more firm, I sandwiched a layer of foam between 2 inch layers of polyester chair padding.  The "sandwich" was weighted down and dried for about 36 hours.  This morning I glued additional foam/polyester padding along the edges for the odd v shape around the legs of the rocker.  After about an hour I realized that mass of gluing was applied to the wrong edges.  Oops.  Back up, re apply and move on.  Not perfect but certainly usable.

There was a time when a mistake like the pad would have sent me into a tail spin.  I just looked at it and opined as to where my mind must have been.  Pulled the stuff of and placed along the correct sides.  It would be nice if everything in life could be that easy.  Just a little Elmer's applied to a city damaged by tornadoes.  Hot glue guns to repair nuclear meltdowns.  Lock tight to repair a damaged fender.  Duct tape has already wonders on many items.

Super glue applied along the divide in our nation.  I am certain there are things available to patch up the fault lines.  I am just not sure there are enough people that actually want things "patched up".  Enough people to "stick together" to work out an acceptable compromise to much of anything.  And stick to the plan to see it through.

I think of how being pregnant requires having a lot of patience.  There is not much one can do except watch the abdomen expand.  Feel the movements.  Become filled with excitement at the initial movements.  But by the last few weeks most moms to be are just ready for the baby to be in their arms.  The moms to be are ready to not have a little foot kicking the rib, bladder or whatever location of the day.  In order to have a healthy baby the mom to be must just see the pregnancy through to the end.

Here is hoping all the politicians that are spending so much money to get elected will choose to stick to the job they are called to do.  You know, stick to it instead of sticking it to US.

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