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Friday, May 11, 2012


Really bummed that the yard crew was a no show today.  And no "sorry we cannot make it" call.  I managed to get more stuff moved out of the rooms on which we are working.  But I was so looking forward to some help with the yard.  Guess I will have to get it done myself since the group is not showing up for work.  The plants have to be trimmed within the next week as they are already overgrown.  I have a frown face right now.

But not as much of a frown face as earlier today.  I brought the shop vac in to do the vacuuming of the debris from the tile and underlay removal.  The hose moved a different way than I intended and picked up ash from the fireplace.  Suddenly I realized there was no bag on the vac and I had a room filled with ash.  Big time frown at myself.  I have been cleaning my ash all afternoon and evening.  And there is till fallout from that goof.

 I just started to use my webcam to take a picture of my frown face.  There is no webcam on this laptop.  Mine is still at the repair shop waiting for me to go pick it up.  Instead, I stayed home awaiting the yard crew. Oh well, for now I will just put on my big girl undies and move away from the bum feeling.  The hot water repairman is supposed to show up tomorrow.  It is Gene's turn to stay home to await service persons.  Will update you on that "promise".  Hope it goes better than the yard promise of today....   Grrrrrr.

The guys had a somewhat more successful adventure searching ancestral graves.  They located about half of the graves.  Not bad when one cemetery had about 1,000 grave sites to search.  There were a couple of cemeteries they could not locate. Figure Gene and I will at some point be out looking for them over the next few months.

Pretty sure a nice lunch with the girlfriends tomorrow will chase away any remaining bummed feelings.  I may even take a minute to check on the laptop.  73's and 88's for now. 

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