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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday is Frigg's Day

You can tell I am retired by the number of useless things that I decide I want to know.  Like why is Friday named Friday?  Well, I should have known, it has a pagan root.  This most glorified day of the work week derives its name from the worship of a goddess.

Wikipedia notes the following:
"The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frigg" (a Germanic goddess broadly equivalent to Venus). The same holds for Frīatag in Old High GermanFreitag in Modern German and Vrijdag in Dutch."  The same source notes while many of the Romance language nations embraced the same naming convention for Friday.  "An exception is Portuguese, also a Romance language, which uses the word sexta-feira, meaning "sixth day of liturgical celebration", derived from the Latin "feria sexta" used in religious texts where it was not allowed to consecrate days to pagan gods."

The names were figured out long before my time : )  No, I really am not that old.  Again,  Wikipedia to the rescue on how all the names of the weeks as we in the US call them came to be.  The link is if you, like me have little else on your mind.

My Friday was good.  Gene had fresh coffee brewed early for us.  He brought a cup to me just as I was completing my morning knee exercises.  Mmmm.  Good stuff.  And he even had a homemade egg muffin hot off the griddle by the time I made it to the kitchen.  He really spoils me and I love it.

A call from the computer repair place resulted in a trip to pick up the unit.  Then some time on the phone with a Dell technical person in India.  That was a good experience, too.  This young man knew how to guide me through a few tests.  Thanks to the folks at the repair store, I mentioned the heat issue with my computer.  So, next week I get a new hard drive, mother board, possibly a fan and electrical connection.  All in warranty, delivered to my home with a technician to come and install.  This is a good thing.

While I was picking up the computer, Gene painted the ceiling in the office.  The "popcorn" ceilings are a challenge to paint.  The little balls were so thick it was difficult to get the paint between them.  Anyway, the ceiling is as done as we care to make it.  Some wall touch up and the closet and we will be ready to make a bed for company on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

If you care that would be Saturn's day, Sun's day and Moon's day.  So much for this Frigg's day.
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