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Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Shows

This morning we awoke to a quite Saturday morning.  Our plans were simple.  I was joining a couple of friends for lunch.  We would be celebrating a birthday for one of the girls, if you can call a woman in her 60's a girl.  And then maybe a little shopping.  Gene would stay home, mow the yard and await the plumber to check out the hot water heater.

After wrapping the gift and dressing for a fun day, I left around 11:25.  Picked up Devon then on to Kathy's.  The meal at TGI Friday's was tasty.  The visit with friends was great.  We decided to visit a couple of the local gift shops, The Thicket and The Nest.  We drooled over the lovely things at The Thicket.  It was crammed with so many unusual items we could hardly take it all in.  I found a secret sister gift.  Devon found the perfect gift for one of her grand daughters new "big girl" bedroom.

On to The Nest a couple of doors down.  The aroma of fresh flowers greeted us at the front door.  The shop ladies were very busy building and delivering Mother's Day bouquets.  Pretty sure I may have located a couple more secret sis gifts for this next year.  We managed to leave the store with our pocket books still in tact, no purchases. It was 4 o'clock and time to head home.  Dropped Kathy and then Devon off at their respective homes.  Well, there was some visiting in the car so it was almost 5:45 before I arrived home.

On the way home I wished I had the grocery list as I  knew the cupboards were somewhat bare at 3871. And Gene had not enjoyed the fare at Friday's earlier so I knew he would be in need of nourishment.  This was still on my mind as I rounded the corner of our street.  The lawn was not mowed so I always have a small panic and hope Gene is okay.  (His going into coronary and thoracic arrest while I stood over him 5 year ago has left me slightly gun shy about this stuff.)

Upon entering the garage I notice the light is on in the utility closet giving rise to hopes that the plumber had shown up.  Gene was in his recliner and had moved the enormous, heavy desk out of the office.  As for the plumber, no phone call and another day of no show by service industry persons.
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