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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not A Lot Tonight

We spent the day running errands.  Started the day having breakfast with a Litton buddy at the HyVee cafe.  How fun to visit with long time friends.  Just visit mostly about nothing in particular.  World problems were discussed, none were resolved.  Guess we could have been Congress ; )

It took most all day to get all the items on the list of to dos completed.  Doctor's visit for Gene, pick up prescription for me, pick up laptop, grocery shopping, Habitat Restore drop off, pick up geraniums, day old bread store stop, hardware store stop and a card for the latest grad.  With all that out of the way, we have the stage set to begin the room prep for the fireplace wall repair.

Hope you like the different layout for the blog.  I noticed swapping the location of the text with the info made it easier to fit on the smaller screens.  If  you have any suggestions on things you think would make it a better sight, you are welcome to leave a comment.

While there was a lot going on today, us two senior citizens are ready for a quiet evening.  Ready for not a lot tonight. 
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