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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Date Night

This is Saturday night.  When we were much younger many of us thought of Saturday as Date Night.  I do not really remember when we quit having date nights.  Probably in the late 1990's.  But we had already changed to Friday nights after work.  We would go to the mall, have dinner at one of the restaurants and then walk around buying stuff we really did not need.

So today we had a date.  We cut the lower limbs off the evergreen tree so I could mow under it easier.  Then Gene gave me a gift of lowering the mower handles so that it fit me instead of him.  I made us two big mugs (both were hospital mugs we had received on some stay) of a chilled beverage, raspberry something.  We sat on the front porch and waved at folks driving by while drinking our cold drinks.

While I mowed the front yard, Gene and Delmar took the debris from all the trimming to the recycling center.  I had to stop after the front yard to cool down.  I rolled ice cubes in a wash cloth and put on top of my wet hair that I had just soaked with cool water.  Another 32 oz. of raspberry flavored water helped cool me down more.  I watched the end of a Lone Ranger movie and was ready to finish the mowing in the back of the house and outside the fence.

I spent about 15 minutes deadheading and thinning flowers.  I decided to gather a few in the process.  After about 19 years of digging, planting and transplanting this is what I gathered.  The vase is a new one from my mother's day bouquet.

Even after cooling showers, we were both too pooped to pop or do much cooking after the yard work.  The end of our date day was scrambled egg sandwiches, salad, fruit and a slice of chess pie.  A movie off Netflix was a good end to a perfect date day/night.
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