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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Feet

Just about anyone who knows me at all knows about my enjoyment of penguins.  Friends have given me a huge variety of the creatures in all forms from stuffed to ceramic.  I have probably 150 to 200 items of statues, figurines, pictures, Nativity complete with Baby Penguin on Mom Penguin's feet, music boxes, well just about anything penguin.  PJ's and house slippers can be traded for a variety of shirts and sweaters emblazoned with my favorite little birds.

Since I am, also, a movie buff, I even like movies about penguins.  "March of the Penguins", "Happy Feet"  and the cool dudes with attitudes in "Madagascar".  Yep, love them all.

While I have not lost my love of the creatures, I am running out of places to store them between winter display times.  The reason I am even thinking about these sweet creatures is the closet in the office room.  I have it cleared out for the carpet layers.  Once the new carpet is in, I do not want to crowd the closet with all the stuff I had in it before.  And there are lots of penguins in that closet.

While the closet is mostly penguin free, I painted the inside with the remaining ceiling paint.  The ceiling is as good as I am going to be able to get it.  Guess I will do the wall touch up of missed places in the morning.  One more thing that can come off the list.  And the chimney wall is even painted so that is another that can be crossed off the list.

One other thing crossed off the list today, getting me a pedicure!  Yep, these are two happy feet!

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