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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Did It Get 2 B Tuesday!

For the second day this week, I was awake before 6:15 A M.  Yes, that is A. M.  Vacation Bible School at   Wesley this week.  I am having fun working in the baby nursery.  First of all the babies are so sweet.  Watching a young child smile and wrinkle that little nose is joyful.  And in the nursery there is no prep for a class other than being clean and calm.  Attire requirements are simple, do not wear dangling earrings or light colored anything.

It is a challenge to see if I can calm a crying child.  Birds flying outside are a great distraction.  The bird's flight sort of eases an 8 or 9 month old or older child.  Birds do zip, nada, zero for babies much younger than that.  I did notice one small baby being eased by wiggling one of my many double chins.
Another challenge for me is getting a baby that is fighting sleep to relax into sleep.  That is a huge challenge in a room with 8 babies on different schedules.  Even with several workers, the noise level is too much for some of the babes.  That problem was resolved yesterday by a stroller ride for some of the small ones.  They did not always go to sleep, but were calm and resting.  At least till well meaning people lifted the blanket "just to take a peep".  Today we tried an approach of taking the babes into a quite room with low lighting and no talking adults or babies.  No peepers, either.

Momma and Laney after Put Put Pooo!
My mom has a thing she does that puts babies & toddlers into slumber land quickly.  We call it "put put poo".  She blows air between her lips while humming a song.  Her lips vibrate, mesmerizing the child.  I used this technique on one child and she was asleep within 2 or 3 minutes.  The next child cried in fear.  I sang to that little boy.  God bless his heart and ears for having to hear me sing.  He went to sleep quickly, also.  He did it in self defense, for sure.

Mondays stroller rolling lasted for about 2 hours for me.  The other ladies would swap out the calmest child with an upset child and away we would roll.  Lots of good exercise for the "affected knee.  Today was the rocking chair for most of the day.  Not that I rocked the whole time.  The rocking in the main room with all the noise did work for about 20 minutes with one baby that was "walked" to sleep by another person.  Then to the quite room for two hard core sleep fighters.  The first child slept in my arms for 40 minutes.  The next one was in my arms sleeping for almost that long.

You see a family resemblance?
Between sleeping schedule changes for us old folks and the added activity with the babies, I have needed afternoon naps.  So I have rocked, rolled and napped my way through Monday & Tuesday.  And that is how it got to be Tuesday so quickly.
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