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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jeep Trip

We spent Saturday taking a short Jeep ride into Ozark to visit a private hosta garden.  Gene & I have visited the area before with different visitors.  This was Phyllis' first trip.  And just to please her, a deer posed graciously while she took its picture.

This particular garden has been on the water garden tour in years past.  The natural setting is amazing and peaceful.  If you are ever planning to come visit us, just ask for the tour.  It is a short trip and we can even go to Lambert's afterward.  There you can pork out on all manners of fried foods and have rolls thrown at you.  The rolls are home made, yeasty and hot out of the oven.

We chose to take Phyllis to Andy's Custard for concretes and malts.  Pretty sure each small frozen custard mixture had almost as many calories as the fried foods at Lambert's.  Surely was tasty on a warm afternoon in an open Jeep to enjoy the delights of blackberry or stolen brownie concretes.  Gene sipped up his Butternut malt without much problem, too.

Today started entirely to early, 5 AM again.  By 6 I was crawling into a car and by 6:45 AM I was doing a Mission Walk at annual conference.  But with the new knee, it was a joy to be able to join in the 1.2 mile walk.  Not too long as there was a stop half way through with snacks.

Six months ago I could hardly walk across my house, nor climb stairs or get in and out of the Jeep easily.  But yesterday on the Jeep trip, I was successful in crawling in and out of the Jeep.  Bending my right knee as I lowered the left foot to the ground.  Thanks Dr. Seagrave, Medicare and God for my new knee.
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