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Thursday, June 14, 2012


When I looked up the meaning of today's title, I did not expect what Mr. Webster had as the first definition of the noun:
1(1) : a royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) : a state procession
b : a tour or circuit made by an official (as a judge)c : an expedition, journey, or march through a region
: a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal) : advance

England has definitely enjoying the pomp and pageantry of QE II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  Progress the noun fits that set of events.  There was very little royal or official about the repair work.  The #2 definition seems more appropriate to my mind set.  Though I will admit that it has been quite the journey through the world of  "what next?"

After several minor set backs, it appears the fireplace repair is moving in a positive direction ... today.  The source of the gushing torrent of Monday morning the stopped all work has been found.  Some bricklayer almost 20 years ago failed to put mortar between intersecting bricks at the soffit level.  Guess we know were the draft of air was entering, also.  This mortar opening along with a gutter that was overflowing into the aluminum soffit caused the gusher.

One delightful sidetrack this week has been kittens.  Our neighborhood momma cat has yet again blessed us with kittens.  Best we can count there are four:  one each of yellow, dark grey striped with white boots, black with white boots and grey/black striped.  It was a nice distraction to watch the kittens swatting the lavender flowers laying close to the ground in my knot garden.  Nothing like any baby animal to put a smile on this old, wrinkled face.  And do not tell me to catch them and get them fixed.  There is no catching these little, human weary creatures.  Momma cat is a good teacher of human weariness.

Yesterday the hole in our fireplace wall, which grew from the 2 ft. x 2 ft. opening to a 7 ft. x 7.5 ft opening, was finally enclosed.  And there is caulking in all visible holes in mortar.  There is still a firebox opening.  Add insulation where there was not insulation before, like between window sills, etc.  We shall see how this influences our utility bills over the next few months.

Donnie did the tape and bedding of the seams yesterday.  I came behind with the sanding and second coat along with the texture coat this morning.  I am watching seam mud dry.  That is almost as exciting as watching paint dry.  But after the unfolding repair circus of the last 6 weeks, both mud and paint drying is pretty exciting for me!

We are both so excited to see this much accomplished, we may have a parade or celebration of our own.  That would make it officially Progress.

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