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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday, Hump Day

It is amazing how "back in the day" of working for pay Wednesday was a hall mark day.  Yes, the workweek was over the hill and sliding toward the weekend.  Retirement has left not much of a hall mark day for me to gauge progress toward some goal.  I have to purposely think which day of the week it is.  Need to keep dates on my phone with an alarm to remind me of appointments.  And usually ahead by several hours so there is time to "dress for the public".

As I was looking for pictures for this posting I came across pictures of time clocks.  For this non punctual person, those devices were like an enemy.  Three unexcused tardy clock ins equaled an absence.  Three unexcused absences equaled write ups.  And so on until one could be fired.  My mother was late only one time in 20+ years.  I made up for her many times over.  Not proud of it, just part of my makeup.  Started clocking in with punch cards in 1965, ended with using our badges to swipe in and out of work.  Now folks use their fingerprints or just work from home.

Beating the clock and making it through the week was a big deal for so much of this person's life.  Now I just kind of float from day to day.  No pressure, no procedures to write, no corrective actions to answer.  No data to download to China so they can start taking my job away.  Yes, I really do not want nor need that type of pressure again in my life.  I can just enjoy each day for what it presents.

The last few days have presented the fun of the babies at church, the fresh flowers in the yard, the taste of Gene's creations from the grill.  Friday will bring a much loved cousin to visit and possibly the beginning of the end of the most recent house repair.  Every day is hump day now as we slide to the next great, simple adventure of life.  Happy Hump Day all you working folks!
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