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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crime and Punishment

Second Blooming is a blog I have been enjoying visiting lately.  Gretchen, a fellow Texan, puts out a weekly subject for persons wishing to put their spin on. will get you to the complete explanation of how it works.
Second Blooming

This weeks subject was prompted by the life events of one of "The Spin Cycle" submitting bloggers.  This poor soul had her domain name and purse stolen in the same week.  What a rip off, right?  Made me realize what an easy week I was having.

But to get to the subject of the week, Crime and Punishment.  The first crime I remember committing was assault and battery.  Well, sort of, anyway.  My bestest friend and third cousin, Reba Jane, and I were playing pickup sticks on her back porch.  I lost the game and jabbed the end of a pointed stick into Reba Jane's head.  Made her bleed and cry and be sad.  She asked me why I did that.  "Cause I am Arleigh Rogers' brat, I guess" was my calloused answer.  She did not "tell on me" so I was relatively unscathed.  Except every time I see Reba Jane the event is recalled.  That was about 62 years ago and I am still guilt ridden at the thought of pick up sticks.

That is how my life of crime began.  Since then I have stolen a "fruit stand" sign and put in the yard of a girl trying to steal my boyfriend.  I was never caught.  Lied repeatedly to my parents about my whereabouts when arriving home late from:  proms, dates, Horizon club dances, football games and drill team practice.  Never caught and never convicted.

I have talked my way out of more than a few speeding tickets.  Pretty sure triple d cup size did not ever hurt that discourse with The Law.  Even though I have the face of the wicked witch of the west or south.  I get those witches confused.

In 1993 we had moved into our new, empty-nest home.  While in Texas for Thanksgiving that year, I found a bentwood rocker for my front porch.  The rocker was the perfect welcoming sight there in the corner near the front door.  Nearer Christmas, we took Gene's aging parents out "looking at Christmas lights".  (Those of us that grew up with minimal electricity are amazed by glowing lights in multiple colors.)  Upon returning home from the light adventure, Gene's mom asked where I had put my chair.  Well, it is right there on the front porch.  What!  NO!  Yep, someone had taken my chair right off my front porch!  No insurance payout.  And by the way, do not inquire with your insurance company.  An inquiry can be counted as a point toward raising your rates.

About three years ago a drunk, unlicensed, uninsured female driving a borrowed also uninsured auto with license plates from a different auto ran a red light and totaled my beloved Lincoln.  Bent my baby's frame.  A few weeks later I was notified she was parolee that should not have have been outside Kansas City, MO.  The accident took place in Springfield, MO.  Needless to say I never saw a dime of the deductible for my vehicle.  Any money I received for damages came from my insurance company.

So this life of crime of mine never led to hard time, incarceration or even fines.  But the universal karma has certainly come to my door.  I lost my rock and roll and for a certified Baby Boomer, that is definitely punishment enough.
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