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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall In Our Backyard

Sometimes the leaves in the Ozarks will just about knock your socks off they are so vibrant in color.  Not sure how it will be this year, though we are seeing some color here and there.  Not a lot in our yard at this time.

Poor little squash put the squeeze on itself.
Sunday morning was predicted to be a hard freeze.  So I brought into the garage all the delicate plants and harvested the only crops we have, 4 butternut squash.  I picked the best of the roses and rosebuds and placed in a vase.

Knockout roses in knot garden.

Conester berries and marigolds

Instead of spending a bunch of time writing I will just let the pictures of the end of the season in our backyard speak for themselves.
Have twigs and branches for hot dog roast when we put in the Christmas lights in November.
Marigolds self seeded all over the place this spring!
Pond and stream with leaf netting in place.
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