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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have probably written about this subject before but it is on my mind.  My day was occupied by a district meeting today.  At least four or five days over the last couple of weeks had portions devoted to gathering and producing various items for the event.  I was committed to run power point programs on one computer in the main room.  In the gym were two digital gadgets to be monitored.  A computer with a non looping dvd about a water filtration system was on one side of the gym.  Across the gym was another non looping dvd/TV setup.  I ran my 66 year old legs off moving between all this stuff.

The previous day those of us honored to be the local executive committee had spent several hours crisscrossing the gym, various rooms and gathering areas preparing for the event.  We gathered stuff from home, bought stuff, hunted stuff and made stuff.  Then we decided where we wanted to put the stuff for the meeting.  That was more walking with the stuff, arranging the stuff and standing while looking at the stuff.  Occasionally we would trip over some of the stuff on the floor that was still to be placed.

Do not ever forget the important food stuff for any meeting.  There is the prepare ahead stuff and the last minute stuff.  And every person walking in carrying something asks, "Where do you want me to put this stuff?"  Into the late hours of meeting prep it takes a strong person not to suggest where the person can stuff it.  "Oh, just put it over there with the stuff that is just like it" may creep out between clenched teeth surrounded by a fake smile.  By the way this clenched teeth smile is basic Texas 101 for any female worth her stuff.  My brain would probably be sending signals like, "does that person not have anything more than stuffing between their ears? ! ?"

Now understand that having the right stuff is incredibly important in this day and age.  Whether it is being a top gun in flying or the perfect form in diving, baking the perfect Martha stuff or presenting a program, the right stuff is the end all.  In thinking of our human history, we have apparently always liked stuff.  And sometimes we liked other person's stuff so much we went to war to get the stuff.

This human has spent a good portion of my life gathering up some pretty awesome stuff!  And it has been fun!  Not just the gathering of the stuff but the companionship of fellow stuff gatherers.  The new acquaintance, later to become best friend, was looking at some material stuff.  I bent over and split my pants diagonally from the waistband across the right bum to just below the side pocket.  My stuff was exposed to the world!  A plan was hatched!  I sat looking at patterns while she paid for her stuff.  Returning with her sizable bag of stuff, she walked beside me with the bag of stuff across my bum.

Know we were two young mothers with sitters for the day.  We lived about 35 miles away and it was not even lunch.  There was no way we were returning home so I could something I already had.  This was a golden opportunity for new stuff.  So we drove to the nearest clothing store.  Another bag covering bum, two girl shuffle took us into J C Penny where I purchased something to wear.  The clerk after we explained the situation, cut off the tags and I changed in the dressing room.  And leaving an amused sales staff behind we were off to gather more stuff.

I will leave the story of a mannequin, sweater sizes and another BFF looking for some good Christmas stuff for another day.  For tonight I am just glad the meeting was a success.  The folks liked my part of the program stuff.  All the cases, boxes and hangers of stuff are home.  Everything is out of sight.  The doors are locked.  Shades are pulled.  Cannot take a chance that someone sees my stuff.

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