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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tempus Fugit

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In an adult's life three days are not a lot of time.  Time is a matter of perspective according to our wise son, John Roger.  The feeling as a child that Christmas  "is so long away" is influenced by their age.  He points out that when a person has lived only 5 or 6 years one year is a fifth or sixth of their life.  For me it is an eleventh of my life.  No wonder it feels like I just put the Christmas decorations away!

Our son who managed to "turn out pretty darn good" in spite of my deranged mind.  The turning out good sounds like something that a person should say about a recipe, a project or anything other than the life of a human.  But I am always amazed when he shares with us his perspective of a situation.  Upon realizing I had failed to reserve the proper number of days at a resort this past summer, I began profusely apologizing for the error.  "Such a first world problem, Mom.  We have to settle for only 4 days & 3 nights at a resort overlooking a lake.  Think of the rest of the world." 

John Roger is our only child.  He is the namesake for our grandfathers and my maiden name.  We had planned to just call him Roger but he just never looked like just a "Roger".  And being in Texas half the population goes by both names.  As an adult man child we still call him John Roger.  We are not allowed to call him just John as his adult friends do.  "You are supposed to call me what you always have.  Its family and that is what we do."  Some things never get changed by time.

In 1968 we had been told we would probably never conceive a child.  What a joy to receive a call one December 23 that I was in fact "expecting". That phone call feels like it came just a few months ago.  That December was 39 years ago.  Almost 60 % of my life has passed since the wall phone rang in my black and white kitchen.  

Gene and I had been "expecting" for about two years by that time.  We had applied for an adoption through one of the unwed mothers institutions.  I had to quit work as part of our meeting the qualifications for adoption.  It was 1970 - 72 that we were in the process and time has changed the non working mom part of adoption.  All sorts of papers and references had to be provided and still do.  There were interviews both in San Antonio and in our home in Fairview, TX.  Once I had John Roger we were no longer eligible for a baby to be placed with us.  The babies were saved for childless couples.  A change of jobs left insufficient funding for adoption.

So much for long ago yesterdays .  This morning and part of the afternoon were spent by my steaming tablecloths for a mission group banquet at church.  Tomorrow will be a busy day running back and forth to three different appointments.  And in a short time it will be Christmas again.  Wonder how much time I will need to get the decorations up this year?  Tempus fugit!

And thanks to Stacy Uncorked's Spooky clock blog for the inspiration of time for today's blog!  See more of her posts on

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