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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Fun

Ok, I admit we were having fun Wednesday preparing for the Halloween evening visitors.  Gene's favorite thing is the battery operated bat that flies in circles above the walk to the front porch.  With red eyes looking into the night, the kids are either scared, fascinated or wondering how it is done.  Some try to grab it, others just try to avoid being hit by it as they approach the door.

My time was spent making a lighted ghost, gluing a trio of ghosts to the outside walls of the house, hanging a skeleton and placing a rubber spider too near the doorbell.  In addition a lighted pumpkin was placed near the door.  With a series of screw eyelets and strong nylon string the pumpkin would rise up off the table below when the front door was opened.

I was rewarded with a scream from one preteen girl.  A teen boy told me I must be MacGyver's mom to get that pumpkin to float up and down and make the creepy noise with the string.  One mom was forced onto the front porch when her child could not ring the doorbell because of the spider.  I almost felt bad about that so that child received extra candy.

Hope you can enjoy the little video we made of a few of the Treaters we Tricked.

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