Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hateful Weed

I hate henbit.  I hope that God will forgive me for hating this plant.  It invades my flowerbeds and walkways. The last three days have be joyfully spent working in the back yard.  I love being outside and getting the yard "in shape" for the winter.

But part of the process is eradicating the henbit.  It sprouted almost overnight it seems.  I pulled, hoed, cursed and sucked up any that come in contact with the leaf blower.  Gene even pulled some out of the front flower beds.

Tonight I googled henbit weed killers.  All the sites recommended an application of a preemerigent to be applied in the fall.  Now to see if there is a place I can purchase some of the stuff.  Or possibly a call to the Greene County Extension Office or the Greenlawn service.  I have weed murder on my mind.
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