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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Early Rising

I am an afternoon and evening person.  Some folks call that being a night owl.  Makes me wonder if there are other kinds of owls.  Guess I could research that on the internet.  Maybe that is something I could get Gene to research.  He likes that sort of stuff.  He volunteered for a local wildlife museum for a few years.

Today I had another morning standing in the connection center at church.  The last of the shopping bags for the women at the protection center were to be distributed for sewing.  I did not get to attend any of the worship services.  All the bags are now in the capable hands of seamstresses at church.  Twenty three completed bags were returned this morning.  The bags are quite nice.

Came home to enjoy more of Gene's homemade baguettes for lunch.  There is just not much he can do.  Except stay awake tonight.  I had the same problem this afternoon while he was back at church.  The problem was our early rising this morning.  6:45 A.M. is too early for this mated for life night owls.
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