Friday, March 22, 2013

Vacation in Song

We are on the last day of a 16 day Jeep road trip.  Often as we are in a particular state or setting we come up with songs that fit the surroundings.  An example of this was our trip to Canada in 2008.  After songs for every state and situation we were in Kansas near a veterans retirement home.  Gene asked how I would feel about relocating to that place.  All I could do was break into, "Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie "

This trip was not quite as filled with songs but here are a sample of how our minds work.

We started with Gene thinking of the Budweiser theme song, you know the polka type sound.  He loves it so much I have tried repeatedly unsuccessfully to get it for his ring tones.  Why for Missouri?  Well, the St. Louis Cards were owned by Busch for decades.  Gene is such a Cards fan he has chest feathers instead of chest hair.

Then we entered Kentucky singing My Old Kentucky Home,  Nashville was the final destination for the first day, so Nashville brought on my version of this fav of mine.

Leaving Tennessee we headed south toward Georgia, so Willie & Ray came along for a while with us:

With the week spent in Orlando mostly at Disney World, one would be hearing this song frequently:

As we crossed the section of Alabama that touches the Gulf of Mexico, "Dixie" came to mind.  Then "Mississippi Mud" was Mississippi's song.  As we were riding a street car down St. Charles street in New Orleans the old Johnny Horton song,  The Battle of New Orleans" was my choice.  I thought about starting a flash mob sort of sing song and realized most of the folks on the street car were way too young to have ever heard the song.

We enjoyed one night on Frenchman Street in New Orleans.  Strolling together from club to club with wonderful music spilling from every doorway.  If you are ever there do not miss The Spotted Cat Music Club.  At the corners there were Zydeco and Jazz bands.  Such a musically rich treat.  And the shrimp cocktail and drinks were not to shabby either!

Tonight we made it to Arkansas.  I do not know one song about Arkansas.  As a Texas native transplanted to Missouri 38 years ago Arkansas has never been a state for which I had a song.  Oh, well.  So let me end my vacation in song with this little ditty we sang across parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and even in Arkansas.

And, yes, apparently the washing machine had a second spin cycle this week.

Second Blooming
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