Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am running short on time this week.  "Why?", you may ask.  As I noted to my email pal in India today, too many irons in the fire these days.

  • Why do I always over sell to myself my ability to accomplish tasks in a timely manner?
  • Why do I still wake up with night sweats?
  • Why was I such an impatient mother?
  • Why am I such an impatient wife?
  • Why am I bashing myself?
  • Why is gasoline really so high priced?
  • Why do some families fight?  So fortunate my sisters and I get along as well as we do.
  • Why can I not stay on a diet?  When has food ever fixed a long term problem!
  • Why did the dirt on the farm where I grew up make such excellent mud pies?  I will never forget the surprise a few days after a made a corn mud pie by mixing in some of the corn from the barn.
  • Why can't science always be as fun as a mud pie that sprouts?
So much for my "whys" as is our challenge this week on the Spin Cycle.  Bop over there and see what other weighty "whys" our spinners have.  Before you go I want to share one of my all time favorite why quotes.

“Some men see things as they are and say "why." I dream things that never were and say "why not.” 

Which brings one last why.  Why does there have to be so much meanness in this world costing future Why's from being asked?

Second Blooming

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