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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and April Fool's Day

Due to a spring cold, I did not leave the house for this holiday.  Pretty much just stared through a medication haze at TV all day.  And the joke continues today, though much improved, the deep voice and some coughing continues.  I am working at not using any meds today as they put me to sleep.  Even non drowsy ones leave me lethargic.

So much for whining.  With Gene's mom having fewer "good" days we are beginning to look, again at relocation.  We have worked over the last few years to resolve issues of updating our 20 year old home.  One would think that having a roof over one's head would be enough.  Sadly in our nation that is not enough.  And as I look on line at available homes near the area we are looking to relocate, I find myself being just a picky. 

I want a walk in shower, not a bathtub in a master bath.  My list of wants betray my selfish habits.  The list shows just how spoiled I have become to my wants instead of needs.  Of course the reality of being a senior citizen does make a shower more safely accessible than a tub.  But to find the senior amenities one gets sent to a retirement community with meals, etc.  We are not ready for that either.

Over the next year I may take you on this next chapter of our life.  It is one of the chapters that presents adventure, adjustments and compromise.  Who knows what else will happen.  For now weeds need to be pulled and a garden pond needs repairs.  Those are in addition to life's daily commitments.  With only one child and his children, I long to be closer to them.  Lunch with two of my sisters would be a doable day trip.  Yes, change is in the air and it is a little scary.

And, no this is not an April Fools joke. 
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