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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Quote

"Those that do the work, well, they work.
Those that do not do the work usually complain about the results."
Janice Adcock 
I came to this conclusion after years of doing projects for everything from church to community, family to friends.  After having spent weeks making a video as a surprise for my mother's 90th birthday celebration her response was not what I had expected.  Her response was an unsolicited negative critique of every error I had made.  
Pictures in the hundreds had been scanned.  I spent hours on the phone with relatives getting dates. Emails were traded getting other cousins' pictures and information.  Gene recorded a narrative that I timed to match each sequence.  My computer went "blue screen" multiple times during the processing of all the data. 
But it came together on the big day.  Over 100 people watched the video as my mother's family history was traced to the beginning of the Texas roots.  My mom's life up to within a week of the party was documented.  Applause filled the room as the video ended.  When the party was over, Mom said, "I could not hear what was said.". Then she started her litany of all the misspelled names and wrong dates.  Really?  Maybe thanks without the critique.
This is not unique to my mom.  I have been approached in restaurants about the lack of women ushers on a women's recognition day at church.  Really?   And where were you when we were getting this all together?  You know, when I had asked for input! 
Those two incidents happened within a  couple of months.  That is when I came up with the quote.  Several times I have shared with others who have met with complaints after working so hard on a project.  Constructive critiquing is essential for improvement.  Griping just to have something to say, not so much..  Now I really work at not complaining about something that was accomplished while I sat on my rear.  And the real quote has the word bitch instead of the last four words.
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