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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

OMG!! Geek Gardening

Things are falling in place for "big projects" coming over the next 17 days.   Sure, there are still lots of little details to cover but there are now many people that have volunteered to assist in these tasks.  I mean like one wonderful gentleman walked up to me at church Sunday.  "Do you need some of us guys to so the cleanup for the UMW luncheon?"  Without hesitation I answered in the affirmative.  Within 10 minutes Larry had 3 other guys that will bus the tables and clean the dishes for between 120 - 140 people.  An eighty something lady called this morning and will be there on Friday to sort flatware.  I think I can breathe again.

This morning with the "gotta get this done within the next 5 minutes" being behind me, I decided to read my newest issue of Gardening How-To.  This issue is actually picked up by clicking on a connection in my email notice.  The magazine has a new format so it took a minute or so to get all the navigation down for zooming in and out.  Turning pages is actually easier than a hard copy magazine as clicking a mouse is easier for arthritic fingers.  And I have almost no fingerprints left after using too many cleaning products without gloves.  I digress.

I go merrily clicking through the articles and come to one on mountain bluebirds.  There is information on where to see them, what they look like and the next bullet had the little music note symbol next to it.  I click on the symbol and sure enough I am taken to a link that lets me listen to not one but 5 bluebird voices.  You can go to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and enjoy the songs, too.  Click here, scroll down and suddenly be listening to bluebird voices.
Mountain Bluebird from
To learn more of the bluebird and be transported to the mountains visually click  Wild Lens 'Bluebird Man' project.  I love geek gardening.

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