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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday Worries

Not really worries, just commitments and co ordination efforts that must be made concerning the two major and one semi major projects.

The Strike Out Hunger mission blitz on April 20 is about 300 people short on volunteers for packing 120,000 meals.  The food for both overseas and locally.  As I will be leading a different portion of the blitz focus on the same day, I cannot be one of the 300 unless I suddenly can clone myself.  Geeze, no, the world does not need two of me.  I will be organizing the spa for the single moms of Caring People and the abuse and violence sheltered women.  A second individual will be leading the portion of this that serves breakfast and lunch and entertains the children during the spa time for moms.

Fiesta De La Primavera is our women's mission spring celebration this year.  We will have Latin American food, a South American speaker and a Cuban dancer.  In addition the local volunteers who have gone to the Nicaragua, Honduras and Cuba work areas will be at the luncheon tables.  Displays, videos and decorations will complete the feel of a fiesta hopefully.  Gonna be a long week prior to May 4.

Lastly on May 16 the UMW Sunday is looming in our minds.  As the worship team has final approval of our part of the service there is a meeting tomorrow for that with the associate pastor, the UMW president and me.  I can tell it is time for me to step back for a year or so and get a second wind on this portion of my commitments as my idea well is running dry.

Throw in Gene is being a mentor so he is a little stressed trying to make all the meetings.  He finds it rewarding to be around the young adolescents.  Sort of the same shot of energy I get from being with the toddlers.

One day at a time.  I think I will just mentally drift back to New Orleans' Frenchmen Street for some jazz.  Or maybe put on a vinyl of Pete Fountain!  That will take care of any worries I might still have.

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