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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday Production

On Monday the pond fishes were transferred to their temporary, watery housing along with all the pond plants.  It was an adventure "fishing" for the critters in the murky waters of our in need of cleaning pond.  The fish poo ladened waters were pumped to the various flower beds, think free fish emulsion ferterlizer.  Some pond water was pumped to the temporary home to avoid shock to the fishes' systems.
Fishes enjoying a little breakfast this morning.
New home for lava rock.

The filtration lava rock was removed and used a fill in areas where soil was removed.  Paving stones will be placed in these areas.  Hope the mole/vole gets sliced up on the lava rock.

Almost empty pond with waterfall area ready to begin work
Every path stone or flat object I turned over yesterday had mole runs beneath it.  Grrrrrrr.  So much work destroyed by such little creatures.  Oops.  Let my focus be distracted.  And that is part of the problem of getting these projects completed by this weekend.  Well, that and intermittent rain and lightning today.

A friend came over this morning to get some plants.  It started thundering and raining on us before the task was complete.  This will have to be a gather supplies, dig out other treasures for the resale facility and rest some aching muscles kind of day.

My JoAnna mini hostas.  They get only about 3-4 iches high.
Holes left from sharing plants.  It will look great in a few weeks.
New dock boards.  Miss the weathered look.
As for Monday's production, Gene finished the repair to the mini dock deck including a water seal.  Several wheel barrel loads of dirt, rocks and retainer wall stones found new homes in the back yard.  At least a half ton of rocks of various sizes still need to find new homes.  And the long awaited rebuild of the river, pond interface is to be done.  Tune back in on Thursday morning for the latest update to the saga of relocation Adcock style.  At least these two Adcocks.

Tuesday, May 28

Tuesday, May 28

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