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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Moving Along

As I had mentioned a few times lately in this spill my guts blog, we are planning a relocation to a different state to be closer to our son and his family.  Two big projects at church had our attention for the last couple of months.   I always drag Gene along for the ride and his invaluable support when I am involved in a project.  Love him so much.  Saturday was the bigger of the two projects for us personally.

How big?  Small by many standards, 112 people,  plenty big for us.  Coordinating an event from beginning to end can be daunting no matter how much great support there is.  I feel the weight of an events success while developing a theme and acquiring a program, working with folks to develop a theme appropriate menu, buying groceries for the entrees, helping with the food prep, coordinating the room setup and decorations and then finding folks to serve and cleanup the dishes.  As the theme was centered around learning more about 3 Latin American countries the gym was transformed (sort of) into a hacienda patio complete with a fish pond and fountain.   My good Gene made the portable pond and set it up on Friday.  After the event was complete, there was then the cleanup.

Sunday was busy enough there was no down time to begin the recovery of our bodies.  Monday found us two "aged wine" folks pretty much wiped out.  Best we could muster were meals and some phone calls setting up appointments.  Tuesday morning opened with the "fence guy" stopping by to start the process of the needed repairs.  Cross off one of the bigger projects we will do.  Let the "fence guy" take care of it.

There are still several little things to take care of in the house and yard.  There are a couple of big ones in the backyard even with "fence guy" replacing the two rotted support posts.  Today the kind gentleman from United Van Lines did a walk through and gave a quote for moving.  I may have to sell a kidney to pay the movers but it will be worth it to not pack and move ourselves.  Sure we will pack some things but I am pleased to help the moving business economy.

Thursday will be our day to have our first contact with the real estate agents.  A friend works for the same company and is steering us to one of the best teams.  Looks like I will have some "staging" help with the house.  I have already taken down and packed 2/3 of the family photos.  Even have the holes patched where they were hung.  So it looks like things are moving along........

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