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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Ping is a word that once was a sound.  For many years, the word has come to describe the action of checking network connections.  Now there are services and programs that will automatically perform the function.  When I worked in a CAD CAM department, the computer engineer and IT folks would ping different departments if there were complaints of data malfunctions.

Now that I write this blog I check the hit count just to see if there is any interest.  I dislike that there are computers set up just to ping blogs in an attempt to get malware into our real blog visitors digital devices.  I do not like those vampire, yandex and filmhill pings/hits in the hit count for my blog.  I may not write anything other than something that is running through my mind.  If a human or other form of life visits my blog, great.  I would like to take a ping pong paddle to the backside of the crummy people the have nothing better to do than try to destroy.  That is just not nice.  
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