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Saturday, May 11, 2013


We made the monthly trip to the recycling and brush drop site that is located about 3 miles from our house.  We had several bags of weeds that had been pulled from the back yard beds over the last few weeks.  In an effort to get the backyard in selling shape shrubs needed trimming.  I pretty much demolished the last barberry bush.  The fothergilla, a shrub, that the folks at Litton gave me when I was on a medical leave in the mid 90's had died.   So its remains along with trimmings from a butterfly bush,an American cranberry and general leaf and limb residue are all now safely being recycled into compost and mulch.  The empty trailer was then filled with wood mulch to be spread after we returned home.

This really is the site near our home.

Funny how a project can come to a screeching halt because of something as simple as a cart full of Christmas lights.  Yes, there are three large spools of lights we use to line all the beds, walkways and pond features in our back yard.  Now to get the silly things into some sort of box.  Who knows if they will make the move or just be given to the folks at the Habitat Store to recycle to another crazy about Christmas person.  In any case the trailer is still full of the mulch until a suitable solution to the lights is found.

Anyway, before going outside to work in the yard, I was able to get John Roger's room mostly depersonalized in the visible areas.  Not gonna concern myself with stuff in the cabinets.  If folks open drawers, they will find several that are empty so I will leave a few things just to give the nosey Nellie's something to see.  Hummm, do I dare hide a picture of a belly dancer in one of the drawers?  That makes me smile just to think about it.

Monday will be a weeding session for the front beds. A small amount of shrub shaping is all that is needed this year for the front.  Those two tasks along with some flower plantings in pots for pops of color at the front door should have the front ready for power washing.  Of course the windows will need washing before moving into the back yard.  The back yard promises to be the biggest challenge this next week.

Oh well, at the end of this day I can now look back and know a lot was accomplished today.   In addition to all the yard waste, plastics, glass, tin and aluminum cans we took to recycling there are now about 8 trash bags of clothes ready to recycle.  We will never again fit into those size clothes so time to give to the homeless men, women and teens in the various shelter in Springfield.  Yes, this has been a day of recycling.

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