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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Screeeeeching Halt

Today is considered by many traditionalists to be a day of rest.  Following several weeks of intense planning, physical labor and emotional choices it happened.  We did go to worship.  While I spent an hour and a half playing in the nursery at church, Gene went to Marionville to visit his mom.

I left church and headed out in search of needed supplies for pond repair.  Choosing to shop local, I visited a locally owned operation.  Unfortunately they did not stock the needed items.  By this time, around 12:30 I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I abandoned the search and headed home.  A change of clothes due to an ill child at church was first on the list.  That was followed by starting a load of laundry including the recently shed clothing.

Lunch was crackers, beans, the last of the luncheon meat and coffee.  I sat in my easy chair to check emails only to awaken myself with a loud snort.  Gene returned from his visit shortly after the snort incident.  He gave me a report on the visit, better than most was the short of it.  I wandered over to the sofa with blankie in hand and settled in for a more comfortable short nap.  Gene tuned in the Cardinals game that was in the first inning.

I roused a couple of times only to immediately fall back asleep.  The ball game was in its final inning when I finally awoke enough to sit up and speak.  Gene told me it was 6:30.  The clothing in the washer was placed in the dryer.  Dinner was prepared and eaten.  Kitchen was straightened and I was back in my chair.  I was able to stay awake to actually get through the emails along with a visit with family on facebook.

Gene told me I was mumbling in my sleep.  I told him my sleep was filled with dreams of getting the work done in the back yard. Friday my body had noted that it was time for a day off from the work.  I took two Advil twice that day and kept going.  Saturday my body told my mind it was time.  Mind said go away there is just too much to do to stop now.  Sunday afternoon the body held a coup and everything came to a screeching halt.  Well, everything except the spreadsheet in my mind. 
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