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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spreadsheet Status

If anyone out there is keeping track with me on the 48 line item checklist here is today's results.  We had managed to complete about 15 items over the last few days.  So we were feeling pretty good as that meant the list was about one third done.  The staging person arrived shortly after I returned from a circle meeting.

Generally she was very pleased with what we had done to the place inside.  And that was with only one third the list being done!  The designer even liked the wallpaper in the hall bath, "very Ralph Lauren".  Great, remove a few small items from the room and move along.

Each room was evaluated and lists for each room were modified.  Line items were even removed from the list.  There was an addition here and the along the way. We came to the kitchen the had been stripped to 3 trays, one small shelf that holds the phone and 3 little plaques.  Well and that one dead plant I have not felt like carrying someplace yet.  A calendar and 3 magnets were on the side of the refrigerator by my desk.   Those will stay in place until the day of an open house as will a couple of other things.  And I need to reduce the amount in the small hutch.

I really do not mind doing this stuff because it has sort of been bugging me to have all the stuff crammed together.  No one thing can be appreciated when there is so much.  It is really about tubs and space, cubic feet.  There are now so many tubs in the 3rd garage that I am unsure where to put another one.  We need to find room for two hutch tops, two living room chairs, a 6 ft. by 3 ft. shelf and a headboard.  It will take at least a least a three more tubs to hold all the stuff on the shelves, the picture albums (that will wait a little longer to get scanned) and the hutch inhabitants.  What items just need to go to a home that can give them the proper love and attention?

As for the spreadsheet and the number of line items, let me see.  48 - 21 (either completed or removed) = 27!!!!!  Oh, yes, plus, 20 = 47.  Yes, one less line item to get completed.  And my body is moving like it has moved heavy furniture, filled and moved about 10 tubs of stuff.  One week down, one line item off the list and one prescription of muscle relaxer refilled.
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