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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Song of Old Age

Old age is not about looking back
Though there is more behind than ahead.
Old age is about seeing the future,
The hope & joy in the eyes of a child.

Old age is reading the Bible like
Some kid cramming for final exams.
Reading not because we have to read,
But finding the joy in Timeless wisdom.

Old age is more about body parts
That seem to belong to someone else.
The twinge of pain in an ankle brings
Memories of a youth doing cartwheels.

Old age at times is a slow, comfortable
feeling similar to the touch of fine silk.
It is the gentle touch by a true love's hand
That embraces to the depth of your soul.

Old age is the math of life, the sum of days.
The total of years.  The fractions of minutes.
It is all we are, all we have lived and loved,
All we have feared and all we have hoped.

Old age still sees the youth you married
Instead of the wrinkles and missing teeth.
What was breathed, eaten and drank becomes
The essence of the universe of Old Age.

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