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Friday, May 24, 2013

Week Two & Counting

It has been two weeks since the initial contact with the realtors.  We have kept ourselves busy.  Gene will install one more corner protector today and we will have all the modifications done in the living space of the house.  The garage clean out is awaiting the resale store folks to show up next week.  The gentleman came yesterday and marked the area where new posts are to be installed along the fence.

A walk through by one desperate couple this proved they were not as "desperate" as their agent thought.  There was no room for their two little dogs to play in the back yard was the biggest problem.  How on earth did Cookie and Sam survive all those years?  But I get it.  I have too much  stuff in the yard for most folks.  And if it is to appeal to a wider range of folks a few changes will need to be made.

Changes will be made now that the interior is as done as it will get done.  Well, I will have to clean windows, dust and vacuum but that is just general cleaning.  It is not the get on the floor and scrub the bottom of the cabinets, polish out all the magnet marks on the refrigerator, hide all the pictures except two in the living room, change toilet seats, de-clutter or remove every shelf and peg board in the house, clean out closets, fill holes and touch-up paint several rooms, etc, etc kind of work we have been doing.

Gene lying down on the job of removing the old headboard.  One more thing off the list.

Foot, that is the accent color, not the wall color.  Now to touch-up the touch-up.  You would think I did not even read the label.  But I did, just not with my mind in gear.

Friday, May 24 will see the beginning of making some of the flower beds in the back yard into just grass.  Removing/moving rocks to down size the amount of work for someone not quite so inclined to overachieving as my yard was once described.  Today I begin dividing plants such as hostas, helebores and the like.  I had feathered in an American cranberry limb for Ernie only to find one had sprouted in a nearby bed.  Guess he will get two for good luck.

And if you folks think I am doing this just to sell the house, well, no.  Even if we do not sell the house for a year, we have to make this easier for a couple of old poops that are getting more pooped with every year.  We just want to save some of the energy for playing with friends and family.  Namely three cool grandsons.
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