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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Are Probably Tire of My Posts About "Fixin Thangs"

Yesterday was spent tearing out the waterfall rocks 
Washing out debris from pond folds 
Just generally getting wet and muddy.

The resale people liked some stuff
And would come to get it .. eventually.
The yard furniture, they would take NOw!

I smashed my thumb so hard between two rocks
I shouted a really bad word.
It still hurts so bad I cannot hook my bra.

We are looking at each other wondering what next.
As the rain last night has stopped the plan.
And besides we are tired of fixin' thangs.

But on top of this my Mom needs a hip replaced.
But she is scared of the surgery. 
At 94, she is tired of fixin' thangs, too.

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