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Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Know You're Too Busy When

You know you're too busy when:

  • You go to a meeting and no one else is there because you are a week early
  • You go to a wedding and the wrong bride walks down the isle.  And you are in every picture of the attendants coming down the isle.  And you sneak out with the photographer to go to other churches in town looking for the right bride.  Return home and find your son and husband laughing because they figured out you went to the right church, just the wrong day.  This is after your washer broke while you are attempting to get ready for the (wrong) wedding, a business trip, a sister's visit.  The washer breaking forced you to gather wet laundry and go to a laundromat.  Then the laundromat floods and you just pay the laundromat person to finish your washing and drying after the flood is cleared up.  You drive/fly home because you are sure you are late for the wedding.  You dress for what turns out to be the wrong wedding in the dark so as not to awaken you third shift working husband.  Later for the right wedding your husband did not approve your buying a new outfit for the real wedding even after you explained you had already worn that outfit to a wedding and everyone would know.  Except you really did not know but one other person at the wrong wedding.
  • You forget the rescheduled doctor's appointment a second time
  • You forget why you called someone when they ask how they can help you.
  • You forget which of the three events you are working on and and take all the wrong notes and reports for that meeting.
  • You no longer care how the event turns out.
  • Your ability to separate reality from fantasy is compromised.  You know like when you are thinking your home will sell soon enough that you can get that great rental property that just showed up on Zillow.
  • You can no longer do multiplication without a calculator.  Well, you can but the results needed to be verified with a calculator.  
  • You forget to get the card for Youngest grandson's birthday in the mail in time.
  • You escape from reality by blogging.

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