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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Attic Treasures and Summer Fun

Thursday was day three of TXsons' (my name for my Texas son and grandsons) visit.  The day began early for Grandpa and Middle.  It was the promised day for one on one fishing for the two.  They call each other Pickle. I think it is cute and Grandpa loves the special nickname.  Not sure what time they left but it was earlier than I wanted to arise.  My body was a little cranky after Wednesday's body surfing on the floor of Incredible Pizza. 

Tuesday night Youngest, afraid to sleep alone, chose to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor next to Grandpa's side of the bed.  Luckily Grandpa did not step on him during his dressing for the fishing trip.  It was 9:15 before I was ready to dress but Middle was still sleeping soundly.  I noticed this morning it takes longer to dress if one is trying to do so very quietly.  I finally emerged from the bedroom and found Son on yet another business conference call. 

Once the calls were completed and breakfast was eaten Youngest was awake.  Youngest needs to ease into the day much like Grandpa when it is just the two of us.  Son and Youngest snuggled on the sofa while watching a 'Phineas & Ferb' show.  Dry cereal for Youngest 'cause the smell of milk was making him ill today.  Then it was time for my adventure with Son and Youngest.  A journey into the past.

Son pulled down the stairs/ladder that led into the attic.  He went up first. I stayed half way up the stairs and the past was handed down and placed on the floor of the garage.  Youngest decided to join us on the stairs and then in the floored attic.   Instantly Youngest became a sort of Marty McFly and went on an adventure to the 1940's through the 1990's. 

Box after box of Star Wars, Hot Wheels, stuffed toys, action figures, Legos and Playskool toys  .... Son's past .... were opened, checked for content, closed and placed by the opening for a ride down the time travelling stairs.  An assembly line formed.  The past handed from one generation to the next down the steps.

Middle and Grandpa returned from the fishing trip on which no fish were caught.  But worms were touched and hooks were baited.  Tall tales were told.  Somehow Grandpa managed to treated Middle to three chocolate cones at three different Andy's Custard locations.  Somehow Middle did not explode.  That was quite the fishing trip!  When asked about the favorite part of the trip as expected Middle responded, "Ice cream".  Grandpa said listening to Middle crack jokes and cut up with him.

By the time of the intrepid fishermen's arrival the hot attic had given up about 2/3 of the past.  We three time travelers were stopped for a cool off break.  When we three were ready to resume the attic adventure Middle eagerly wanted to help.  His strength and size made him perfect for reaching into the attic areas too low for my body.  With more teamwork the last of the precious attic treasures were moved to the garage floor.  Even Grandpa's baby buggy from 1940 made it down the time traveler stairs.  As boxes were opened, shrieks of excitement filled the hot garage and drifted into the surrounding neighborhood.  And the grandsons were excited, too.  Then it was time to return to 2013 for a movie and dinner.     

Borrowed from
While "Back to the Future" might have been the obvious choice, it was not playing at any of the local theaters.  The Middle, Youngest and Son thought "Monster University" would be a good choice.  Electric reclining theater seats, barrel of popcorn, drinks and snacks all around seemed the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.  The Adcock bunch followed the movie with dinner prepared by someone else as well as dishes cleaned by someone else.  The choice fit my needs to a tee!
When we returned home Son and grandsons enjoyed digging through the boxes in somewhat cooler hours.  It was a kick to see the buried treasures of the boys' dad come to light.  They seemed to relish the thought that Dad and Gabe had played with these toys, too.

Son and Middle check contents of Darth Vader character storage unit.

Even more delightful for me to walk into my living room and see it alive with toys.  The toys of Gen X strung across the floor.  It had been probably 30 years since some of these toys had been out of their boxes.

Look, Dad, The rescue folks and TV folks are here for the race in case there is an accident.  AT-AT's were just for fun.

TV camera of the 80's becomes a cannon for 2013 play.

Twilight signaled it was time for some outdoor fun and another firefly adventure.  So into the backyard and front yard for fire flies!  And they caught 12.  Four more than the first night.  All caught and released.

Friday morning saw Grandpa and Youngest on a fishing trip.  Two fish were literally snagged by Youngest.  Grandpa was again fishless.  And for some reason, no ice cream cones were eaten on this return ride home.

Of course another evening of lightning bug chasing was enjoyed by kids and grandparents.  Eighteen was that night's count.  That was some of the outdoor adventures for the week at 3871!

Some of the lightning bug captives before release.  My jars were all packed > (.
While all this was going on Oldest was on his own adventure in the hills of the Ozarks of Arkansas.  His last day ended with a big campfire.  Son/Dad, a former scout himself, drove down to Arkansas.  They enjoyed one on one time, a rare thing for a dad of three.  The arrived at 3871 well after most of the crew had turned in for the night.  Grandpa was the lone person to greet the returning Scouts.

Today is the last full day of the summer fun.  College days friends came for a short visit and a cookout.  This was followed by some downtime for a group of tired boys ... and three adults.  Oldest and Grandpa went for some one on one time, no fishing, just walking and talking in a nearby park.  Of course it was far enough the Jeep had to be driven there.  If there was a bucket list for Grandpa three of the top items would have been:  one on one with each grandson;  Jeep ride with Oldest Middle and Youngest;  and individual time with Son.  Check, check and check.

My desire was to watch the grandsons enjoy the backyard.  Well, that was accomplished in spades.  Even when Youngest brought in the dead fish that Middle had harpooned.  Seems Middle scoured the backyard finding " a smooth stick, rope and a little metal hookie thing, Grandma."  With that contrived device Middle retrieved the dead fish.  Then as any wise older brother, Middle convinced Youngest to put the fish in the holey, lightning bug plastic and "take to Grandma."  Yep, a perfect summer vacation at Grandpa and Grandma's.  I'll just close with what Youngest said the first night after playing in the backyard.  Looking out the back window he turned that adorable freckled face up at me.  He crinkled his eyes, nose and sweet mouth into a smile while saying, "Grandma, I like your garden.  It's cute."
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