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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happiness and Joy

Spin Cycle challenge is what makes one happy, happy, joy, joy.  Upon reading this the vision of a song from 'South Pacific' came to mind.  Oh, you know the one where Bloody Mary is trying to convince Cable to marry Liat.

As we sisters encourage our 94 year old mom to continue her therapy, there is lots of 'Happy Talk'.  Mom had hoped to return to independent living but the therapists have determined her to need assisted living.  Mom's dream is shattered.  I would love to be able to help her find a new dream.  She is resistant, stubborn.  Native Texan stubborn.

But, alas, I cannot dream Mom's dreams.  Nor can I come live with her as I still have dreams to live with my husband.  Dreams with grandsons, friends and family.  I dream that Mom can be able to walk without pain.  That she realizes her gift of life is  such a treasure no matter where she lives.

Tonight I felt joy at the sight of my husband as we skyped.  Joy at the sight of the fish in the beautiful, clean rebuilt pond and stream in my backyard.  Joy for my relationship with my sisters.  Joy that Mom made it through the surgery with flying colors.  Joy to see her walk and exercise with such determination,

And the joy of hearing Texan talk.  Stuff like the family at the corner of an adjacent street was 'kind of rough.'. Joy hearing long forgotten stories from my Mom's mouth.  Hearing a neighbor from my teen years respond to the question of her work in the cotton fields.  "Daddy said he did not want me to work picking cotton.  He said I would never pick enough to pay for the cotton sack".  I will say I am still smiling about that.  If you grew up around the cotton fields, you are probably smiling, too.

Now you go on over yonder a ways to Gretchen's Second Blooming and see what makes some other folks be happy, happy and feel joy, joy.

Second Blooming
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