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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Man Down

Today was the first full day for grandson and son play.  A slow start in the morning was pleasant.  I awoke to my husband standing in the room just looking out the window.  After being gone for almost 3 weeks, it was good to have him in my sights.  When asked why he was up so early he said to get breakfast started for the grandsons.

He headed out of the room while I remained in bed long enough to get the weather for the day.  Hot and humid is almost always the forecast this time of year.  And so it was predicted for today.  I knew how to dress so that was next on the agenda.  I needed to unpack but my heart was not in it as I knew I would be leaving in another week or so.

Dressed for the hot day I peeked down the hall to the kitchen  There was Gene and Middle grandson making blueberry pancakes.  They disappeared toward the table end of the kitchen.  They had a major game of Mario Memory in play.  After a few stolen shots of the two that call each other pickle, I let my presence be known.  Youngest grandson and Son came in from different directions.  Son was conducting business while Youngest was just awakening.

After breakfast we had settled into a day of not much of anything other than finishing a memory book for son and playing with grandsons.  The phone call from a realtor asking for a viewing at 1:30 changed our day.  Beds quickly made, suitcases stashed and we were out the door for errands and Incredible Pizza marathon.  The first stop was for Grandpa to drop off some mending as my sewing machine is buried so deeply I cannot get to it easily.

Due to an inconsiderate person in a truck blocking traffic in the parking lot, Gene just got out and walked across the parking lot to the store.  Finally Inconsiderate Person/Jerk moved so we could get to a parking place.  The parking slot was about 4 slots down the row directly in front of the store.  We waited for Grandpa and finally realized it was far too long.  Grandpa was lost.  My cell rang.  It was Gene asking where we were hiding.  He had been wandering up and down the parking isles looking for us.  Oops.  Almost had a man down.

Next we headed to Best Buy for all important electronic equipment.  For folks that at one time made a living selling home entertainment equipment, electronic stuff is essential.  Gene and I wandered off to the home theater section to further research a remote speaker for my hearing impaired mom.  My cell rang.  Son thought something had happened to us.  He was concerned one of us was down.  Nope, we are fine, just wandered off to where we told him we were going.  Do kids ever out grow ignoring what parents say?  Probably not as I caught myself only half listening to my mom last week.

Finally it was time for the Incredible Pizza experience.  This pizza place is actually a games facility with a buffet for the old folks and kids when they slow down long enough to eat.  But Son insisted that before games could commence, food must be selected and eaten.  Tables nearest the TV with the soccer international playoffs was selected by Son.  Food consumed, Middle and Youngest were chomping at the bits to get to the game area.  Middle needed a pit stop before the games so I showed him the way.  He returned the hall we had used and I chose a different route.

Yes, I chose the path less traveled.  Suddenly I was aware of dampness on my arms and legs.  I was so surprised to find myself on the recently mopped floor.  My body was splayed in numerous directions.  The floor became soiled from my shoe soles as I attempted to get up.  A nice gentleman that was sitting in the row next to my family rushed to my assistance.  A young lady was coming to my aid.  Both the kind folks kept looking in the direction of my family with puzzles looks.  "Why were they not rushing to my aid?" was the question on their faces.

Remember the soccer game on the TV?  Well, that is why my electronic minded family did not rush to my aid.  Their eyes and ears were Glued to the screens.  I finally with the use of a nearby bench was able to position myself to get up.  I know better than to let other people standing on the same wet floor try to pull me up from a prone position.  Well, I guess they could have used the areas which I have now dried with my butt and hips as I wallowed to a crawling position. But I really knew it would be just more slapstick comedy with additional men down.  I thanked the group of kind, concerned people that surrounded me by then.  After placing the 'wet floor' sign (that was leaning against a chair) in the middle of the wet area, cautiously I made my way back to the table.

Eventually I asked Gene if he knew I had fallen.  He looked like a deer in headlights.  Son and grandsons were playing games in a different area.  We wandered in the direction of the game rooms, carefully watch for unmarked wet spots.  A couple of hours later I told Son I had fallen, had strangers come to my assistance and watched as my family remained glued to the TV.  He was mortified when he finally realized the entire family had missed the fall and recovery.

I have learned this today.  There are many places on my body that do not like to hit a concrete floor.  My family loves me but strangers watch me fall.  I need to have my cell so I can call to declare, "Man Down" if I want my family's help.
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