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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Tank Is About Empty

With the "For Sale" signs officially in the front yard we are getting pretty tired.  Yesterday Gene did so much including painting the little out building.  The river was finished tonight.  Just waiting for 12 hours for the glue to be firmly set.  Then it is time to begin filling with water unless Mother Nature sends more rain.

Yesterday, not that was just this morning that the realtors from Murney did a walk through.  There was a showing at 7 tonight.  Another with a Remax realtor is scheduled for 11 tomorrow.  And the list still has 9 things on it.  None will be as demanding as hauling all the heavy rocks for the river.  Whew is what I have to say about all this.

Tomorrow will see more things knocked off the list.  Not sure all of it will be done before I leave on Thursday.  I must get as much done before I leave as Gene should not have to do it all.  And the pressure is on now with an open house planned for Sunday.  I can assure you that my tank as well as Gene's tank are running on empty and there are still 9 things to get done for the best showing.  Maybe I will just pack dirty clothing to take with to Texas.
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