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Monday, June 17, 2013

Snakes, Mom and Other Random Things

While being in Texas to assist with my Mom's needs during her recovery, I am basically living with one of my sisters.  Sissy has a lovely home situated in a gorgeous neighborhood.  The area borders one of the Dallas area reservoirs.  Several of the properties back up to the corps of engineer undeveloped areas with thick underbrush and trees.  And snakes.  Not just any snakes.  Copperheads.

This morning I was awakened by house alarms and slamming doors.  My B I L later shared pictures of the 50 inch copperhead he killed on the patio.  This evening the next door neighbor killed their third copperhead in two weeks.  Yard workers had killed two in my sister's front yard about 10 days ago.  I am ready to move to a hotel very far from the lake.  I am not thrilled to think about being here by myself after Friday.  I will need to check the grass for snakes before letting Bosco go out for a run.

My Mom's progress continues to be fairly steady but hard for her.  Due to pain in her hip she had quit doing much of anything.  Her muscles we pretty badly diminished by the time of the surgery.  She is having to recover from the trauma of the surgery and rebuild 94 year old muscles at the same time.  She began choking on her food but a session with an occupational therapist has. resolved the situation.

To take a break from the hospital, rehab, how to get the house ready drudgery Sissy and I did some fabric shopping today.  The fabric is for new drapes for Sissy's formal and informal dining rooms.  Shopping with my sis rocks.  I have really missed these types of outings with her through the years.  Ready to live closer so we can still have more times like the two hours we spent touching fabrics, envisioning how to make the special hardware and just being together.

Gotta figure out how to get rid of snake threat then the times together will be even better.
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