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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Update on Home Sale Project

Well, most of the back yard no longer looks like a construction area over run with brush.  Still have a few things to go.  A couple will be optional, others are just things we are wanting to do.  I generally have not thought about pathways being unstable but now?  After watching a neighbor walk in an unsteady manner down one path concern has entered my mind.  I can just see a "looker" falling over loose stones and suing us.  Now I am wondering if I should put up caution tape before the open house on Sunday.

We still do not know for sure about the hip surgery.  Seems the heart test will be done sometime on Thursday, the day I am flying down to spend time with Mom.  If the surgery is a no go the time will be spent finding a permanent home for her.  I ask for prayers no matter the surgery or now.  Mom is depressed about her health, imagining all sorts of problems and being somewhat contrary.  This is how Mom usually reacts when she is scared or unable to cope.  And being 94 with little to look forward to except more pain she is feeling both scared and unable to cope.  So she shows anger.

Back to the home stuff.  The river is flowing, the new filtration material is in the tank and plants in the pond.  Tomorrow morning we will put the fish back into the pond.  One fish already made is in one of the plants.  I was in the pond putting the plants in place as Gene handed them to me.  A little black fish startled me as it flopped into the water.  I did not jump because a sudden movement would have put me into the water in a ungraceful butt flop move.

With pictures of the house taken on Monday, the Murney Realtor viewing on Tuesday morning, a private showing on Tuesday evening and one this morning we were feeling pushed to get a lot done in a short time frame.  No additional showings are scheduled till the open house on Sunday so this afternoon and evening has been pleasant.  A load of laundry, Birthday Card for Oldest grandson made, home bound envelopes printed, packiing done, suitcase weighed and measured leaves me in good shape for the trip.  Could use a few more hours to do a little more work in the yard.  We will see how that goes in the morning.

Though I will be packing a tablet I do not guarantee any blog posts until I return from Texas.  Got questions, call Gene is my best suggestion.  And if you look here you will see what the place looked like on Monday.  There have been changes in the yard since then.  Like a river, trimmed shrubs, fresh paint on the outbuilding and as ever, stones have moved.

Thanks for visiting today.  Will see you later.
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