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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Lately I have been wondering about the origins of family, cultural and regional sayings.  "Go with" was not a term with which I was familiar until exposed to Gene's relatives from North Dakota.  Seems this is common in the upper Midwest.  Ya'll gotta know that Texans are always fixin to do something like go over yonder. 

Gene and I would chuckle any time his mom would say she had been looking for us to come visit.  This saying of hers made us think she must have been standing at some window just looking at the road all day.  We would have made no indication we were coming for a short  Sunday visit as we lived only 25 miles away.  Edna would usually have a meal prepared.  Guess she was looking out the kitchen window part of the time.

We were to have left for Texas, what day is this anyway.  The computer calendar says it is Thursday.  Ok, Wednesday we were go to TX.  Then it rained out the entire morning of work in the yard was that Tuesday?  And the other sister in Oklahoma was to go back to TX. on Thursday.  That's today....   But things have really gone sideways with all our plans.  Oklahoma B I L was put in the hospital on Wednesday with a possible blood clot in his lung.  So the clean out of Mom's apartment is falling behind the self imposed schedule as 2 of the 3 have had unforeseen delays.

When we notified the realtors we would be gone for a few days they decided to have another open house on Sunday.  Since we were having one or two lookers a week, we had been working on the back yard.  We removed the gravel  underlayment for two paths.  The gravel and chat were put on existing paths that were needing a new layer of rock.  Part of one flower bed and all of the 'kitchen garden were tilled in with the old walkways.  Gene has now seeded that entire area.

We have taken up the brick walk beside the knot garden.  The brick are now pavers through the center of the knot garden.  Sandstone pavers will fill in the small semicircles on either side of the brick.  The area where the brick paths were previously will simply become mulched areas with small red concrete pavers pulled up from other areas.

The flower bed on the north edge of the knot garden along with a short path have now been removed.  Gene cut down a sizable tree stump in the same area.  Rotted railroad tie retaining timbers were removed.  As we had not planted any veggies this year the garden is now history.  Gene would not take down the compost bins.  The area north of the knot garden is now open, tilled, raked and seeded with grass.  We did keep the bench made from the side boards from Son's 1980's water bed.  The 'legs' are rounds of cedar cut from a friends backyard.  This bench overlooks the newly rebuilt stream for the water garden. 

Remaining flower beds have been trimmed, weeded and will have a layer of mulch applied tomorrow.  That is if we can drag our raggedy, dog-tired bodies out of bed.  We had not even taken time to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary till tonight after another eight hours of labor in the yard.

And in case you are wondering where dog-tired started just click here.  I'm too tired to write any more. 
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