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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Night Fever

You think on a decently comfortable evening in the Dallas area I would be up for some sort of fun.   After all my hunky husband owned and proudly wore a very wide white paten leather belt and matching heeled shoes back in the 70's.  Extra hunky with the tight fitting poly shirt and leisure suit. 

A very long week of cleaning out Mom's 1950, 60, 70, 80, a couple things from 1990 and one thing purchased in this century has left me, my three sisters and husbands too weary to dance.  The last two days were a garage sale/give away of things not taken by the family.  Since the setting was a retirement community, the buyers were on power chairs, canes and walkers.  Many of the shoppers the last two days were in their forties, fifties and sixties when "the thing" was polyester shirts for the guys.

But, alas, it is no longer the disco 70's for them or us.  It is the age of mid 60's to later mid 70's for three or us sisters and husbands.  The shoppers were mostly 80 to mid 90's in age.  Only the youngest sister still in her 50's is out playing this Saturday night.  And she is playing with her sons, daughter, son on law and grandchildren. 

Saint Gene just brought me a slice of cheesecake and iced coffee.  We're living it up now!
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