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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

40 Years And Counting

Forty years ago tonight at 7:15 PM our son made his grand entrance into the world.  Gene could not be in the delivery room as that was the way it was done then.  The Son had gorgeous blue eyes, blonde fuzz and the skin of a very overdue baby.  Three weeks overdue cause that was how it was done then.  His nails are curled around the end of his perfect little fingers.  I announced to Gene over the speaker he had a son.  He was thrilled and still is.

What a wonderful experience to have a child.  I am sure there were many times it was not great for him due to my poor parenting skills.  But today let's focus on positive things.  Highlights include but are not limited to rocking him to sleep then holding him for a while.  Watching his eyes on Christmas morning.  And to this day we know that look when the gift hits the mark.  Sharing long conversations during his high school years.  Surprising him with the red pickup..  We saw the look on his eyes that day!   And two recent good times were Disney with he and the grandsons and the long conversation on the way back to Missouri.

Drippy sweet, mushy, gushy.  Yes, that is how I feel about our son.  So here are a few pictures of our son through the years.













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