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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Date Night 70's Style

We are having a date night today.  After a high gear summer working to get and keep the home show ready and moving my mom, we are just plainly tired.  Both mentally and physically.  As a treat for ourselves we have had two different groups of friends over this past week.  In addition, I joined four girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  The visits were refreshing. 

Family is important in my life.  Having moved away from 'my side' of the family made friendships an equally important part of my life.  I had left my childhood and teen friends when we moved to Missouri.  Gene moved back to his roots, both family and friends.  The expression, you can never go home again was proven out in his return.  Folks knew him, friends said how pleased they were he was back, 'let's get together' was frequently heard.  By the time we moved back to Gene's home town, everyone had their 'married folks friends' established. 

We were never in their homes nor they on ours.  We did chaperone with Gene's BFF for our kids as they went to preschool through high school graduation.   We attended Orville's funeral when he passed due to a brain tumor.  Orville was only 55 when he died leaving Kathy with a second daughter still in grade school.  Way too young to be passing away.  We went to the home to offer condolences.  Gene was obviously shaken by the loss of his BFF from high school.  No longer would he stop by Orville's business to pick up supplies and shoot the breeze.

Our date night this Saturday is simple.  After beginning to load the Star Wars toys for the next adventure, going to Sonic for cheap drinks, we came home and ate leftovers.  We watched Wheel of Fortune, recordings of favorite shows and sat quietly.  That is how this couple with an average of almost 70 has a date night.
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