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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Water Features

Many decades ago I became a fan of water features in a garden.  The home at 102 in Aurora had literally a cement pond.  The previous owner had made a small water garden in the back yard.  He had imbedded rocks, arrowheads and a drain that never worked.  Each spring we bailed out the leaves and trash, scrubbed the blue paint and filled with clean water.  To keep the algae in check, bleach would be poured into the water.  Just as one would with a swimming pool, chlorination.  

Once we moved to 3871 I/we began working on the backyard landscaping.  Click here to see and read about the transformations.  Eventually multiple water features were added.  This year two were removed.  A third is to be removed whenever I get ready to haul rocks around the yard.  The fourth feature is the pond which we rebuilt and repaired this summer.  There is a fifth item that may yet become a water feature.  Our chimney. 

Or maybe it will become a window to look out on a real water feature.  Yeah, that's the ticket.
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