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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Escape, The Spin Cycle

This week's Spin prompt is "Escape".  Gretchen had even included her version of the pina colada song video.  Beautiful beaches and cool drinks with a hint of coconut make me thirsty just seeing them.  I am not sure if that is necessarily my idea of escape at this point in my life.  Pretty sure I could enjoy it if we would just go for it, though.

Since I spend entirely too much of my life with a computer on my lap the first escape I thought of was that button labeled Esc.  With a computer that is having a few hiccups of late the escape button has been very useful.  But even the computer issue is being controllable what with backups available.

Escape as defined at
transitive verb
1:  to get free of :  break away from <escape the jungle><escape the solar system>
2:  to get or stay out of the way of :  avoid <efforts to escape poverty
3:  to fail to be noticed or recallable by <his name escapeme>
a :  to issue from <a smile escaped me>
   b :  to be uttered involuntarily by <a sigh of relief escaped her>

Three is the kind of escape I like.  To be someplace and not be noticed.  Just to be able to walk in someplace and do my business with no chit chat.  I am really not a very social person.  Sort of like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.  Sure I will lead groups, etc but it is real nice just to float along in a cloud of anonymity.  No demands or expectations that way.

The other side of this type of escape may be that I do not remember names.  I will recognize faces but it takes months for my mind to grasp another's name.  I will remember the number of children and grandchildren, sicknesses and maybe even occupations.  Names escape my mind.  I try the technique of repeat the name several times during the first meeting.  Occasionally that works.

Now, pass me that Pina colada and make a break for Ginny, Gretchen and The Spin Cycle.

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