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Sunday, February 23, 2014



My life is very small these days.
New friends I have not found.
The blowing leaf holds my gaze.
To my easy chair I am bound.

A husband, son and 3 grandsons,
Those are the center of my life.
I watch Oldest and Middle's runs.
I've become a model better wife.

With few deadlines or demands
I watch dogs and owners walk by.
You know I have time on my hands.
But still each day seems to fly.

Yes, life is calm and good for sure.
Except for the technology glitch.
A malware cookie made things unpure.
That cookie has made me quite a bitch.

I can no longer stream my favorite shows.
That means no Downton nor Big Bang.
Why do people want to be such foes
creating programs making computers hang?

Here is the end of this sad tale of woe.
I downloaded drivers and other software.
I lost wifi connection for a day or so.
Restored the last backup now the wifi is there.

Registers were cleaned and hard drive defragged
In goes the the disk to make the print work.
Reloading software is easy I bragged.
CD drive crashed, I hate that malware jerk!

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